Fluidra’s Heat/Chill Pump Pulls Double Duty

When the unit’s sensors detect ice on the outside coil, it automatically redirects the heat to melt the ice quickly.

Fluidra VersaTemp Heat Chill Pump. Image courtesy of Fluidra

Fluidra’s latest innovation is the Jandy VersaTemp Heat/Chill Pump that warms and cools swimming pool water. VersaTemp features SoundShield technology that supports its quiet operation. The pump’s fan is designed with swept-wing blades, which reduce wind turbulence while the fan is spinning. The unit’s compressor is also covered by a decibel-dampening acoustic blanket that minimizes noisy reverberation.

VersaTemp heats the pool by drawing heat from the air into the pool water. Cooling the pool is a similar process, where the pump pulls heat from the pool to achieve a cooldown. The pump can operate in outside air temperature of up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When internal sensors inside the unit detect ice on outside coils while the pool is being warmed, the unit’s heat reversing technology responds by redirecting heat to melt the icy coils. This keeps the warming process continuous.

The heat/chill pump occupies a smaller footprint that comparable models and doesn’t require a gas hookup for operation. The unit is controlled by a touch-activated LCD panel, which allows the user to adjust individual temperatures. The control panel also displays clear diagnostic information when the unit requires servicing.

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