Fixer Upper

How responsive is your team to residents’ maintenance requests?

For renters, a big benefit of living in an apartment is that their maintenance requests are taken care of for them. How does the maintenance service at your community stack up? This month, MHN pairs with Kingsley Associates to see how residents really feel about the maintenance work in their apartment homes.

❝I wish before new tenants move in, the maintenance would have a check-up list to make sure everything is fine.

—San Diego

❝ I wish I had online access for maintenance requests. ❞

—Shoreline, Wash.

❝ There are not enough maintenance people to maintain so many apartments, especially when the new rentals have priority. ❞

—Los Angeles

❝ I would like my maintenance issues to be resolved sooner. No matter how small the issue is, it shouldn’t take several months to be resolved. ❞


❝ It would be perfect if the maintenance staff had disposable covers for their shoes before entering the apartments. ❞

—San Diego

❝ It would be helpful if a note was left in my apartment updating me on the progress of the maintenance request. ❞

—Long Beach, Calif.

❝ You should allow for cancellation of a maintenance request through the Web site. ❞

—Bothell, Wash.

❝ I appreciate having the hotline to call at night and that maintenance fixed the problem the next day.❞

—Foster City, Calif.

❝ The staff is always professional, courteous and quick to respond to any of our service requests. ❞

—Rockville, Md.

❝ If a repair was made, it would be nice to know what the outcome was—or what was done. If we are not here when service took place, we never know exactly what happened. ❞

—Chandler, Ariz.

❝ Staff was friendly, but it took two months to complete a request. There was no notification of when they would be entering the apartment, so that animals could be secured when we were not home. And they did not knock prior to
entering the apartment when we were home. ❞

—Tampa, Fla.

❝ I’d like more maintenance coverage on the weekends. ❞


❝ My only complaint is that even when I specifically requested that the apartment not be entered if no one was home, the maintenance team still entered my apartment. For me this is not acceptable! ❞

—North Hollywood, Calif.

❝ I am constantly impressed by the quick response for maintenance requests. I appreciate the care shown by the staff in addressing our needs. ❞


❝ The exact maintenance issue doesn’t always get communicated correctly between the office staff and
the maintenance staff. ❞

—Jacksonville, Fla.

❝ The team is very friendly and willing to work with you on scheduling work orders. ❞

—Highlands Ranch, Colo.

❝ The best part of living in this community is the speedy
maintenance response! ❞

—Austin, Texas

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