Fight the Three ‘S’s’ of Winter with HeatTrak

Give your residents and maintenance team an early holiday gift with HeatTrak. These electronically heated mats will take the shoveling, salting and slipping out of winter this year.

By Michael Ratliff, Associate Editor

Not to jump on the bandwagon of jump-starting holidays early, but tomorrow is Halloween, which means that Christmas is next week. In all seriousness, winter will be here before you know it. And as far as seasons go, winter is by far the most important to prepare for as an apartment owner or manager. While prepping the boiler and making sure your asset is water tight usually gets most of the attention, there are other steps you can make to ensure your residents are both comfortable and safe as the temperature and snow begins to fall.

HeatTrak, producer of (you guessed it) snow-melting mats, has been delivering solutions to winter’s biggest inconveniences since 2004. Those annoyances are what HeatTrak refers to as the Three S’s—shoveling, salting and slipping. Thankfully, the New Jersey-based company has a full line of electrically heated mats to line your walkways and outdoor stairs this winter.

The best choice for the entrance to a medium to large apartment community is going to be The HeatTrak Industrial Snow-Melting Walkway Mat, which retails at $434 for a 24” x 5’ section. Built from an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of flame retardant reinforced SBR rubber, the mat is as durable as car tires and will certainly stand up to all the Jack Frost (and your residents) can throw at it. The unit plugs into any standard 120V or 240V outlet. It is powerful enough to melt snow at a rate of 2” per hour, and can be secured to the ground with its built-in grommet holes.

If your community requires longer coverage than five feet, HeatTrak also has a residential snow-melting mat that is 20” x 60.” Five of these mats can be linked together on a single power unit to cover a 25-foot walkway. There are also industrial and residential grade stair mats that will help keep residents safe while they are coming and going.

To view the complete product line, or specifics on the products described above, be sure to visit You can also learn more about the products by watching the videos below.

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