MHN Executive Council: Marketing Strategies That Matter Most to the C-Suite

Which KPIs should you focus on?

Multifamily marketers have many KPIs: clicks, shares, opens… But what actually matters to the C-suite? The MHN Executive Council shares their insights.

Christine Gustafson
Christine Gustafson

Data Analysis

Multifamily marketing is a fascinating field that involves understanding the prospect and resident, creating global and community-specific value and communicating effectively. What matters most to me about marketing is how it can help our businesses grow, innovate and make a positive impact on society. Dissecting the question further, the decision calculus for marketing decisions lies in data analysis. It determines, in part, the best customer engagement strategies and brand promotions.—Christine Gustafson, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, The Breeden Co.

Jamie Cruz

Crafting a Narrative

Our marketing strategy serves as the means through which we communicate not just what we offer, but why it has value and how it can improve the lives of our residents. By crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with our future residents, we humanize our brand and create an emotional connection that goes beyond just selling a product or service. This approach allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors, build trust with potential clients, and ultimately drive conversions. By sharing stories, we have the opportunity to highlight our value, showcase our strengths, and build credibility in the market—crucial elements for sustaining our properties’ long-term success. —Jamie Cruz, Regional Asset Manager, Beitel Group

Michael Napovanice
Michael Napovanice

Look at the Ratio

It is not the quantity of leads we get from the marketing sources but the quality of the leads.

So many times we get tons of leads that are not valid or not looking to move anytime soon. When we look at the effectiveness of any marketing source, we look at the ratio between the leads that come in and how many apply to how many were approved and move in. Higher the ratio, the better.  —Michael Napovanice, President & Principal, Orion Property Group

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