MHN Executive Council: How to Ensure Efficiency With Centralization

Strategies for running multifamily processes from the top.

Whether to make the leasing process easier to prospective residents or to make your on-site team more efficient, centralization can have many benefits in multifamily. The MHN Executive Council shares what they centralize, and the the benefits they saw from it.

Susan McPeak, Corporate Ambassador, The REMM Group

Triple Threat

The REMM Group has centralized several key assets of our business to ensure efficiency, consistency and streamlined operations. Centralization is primarily achieved through three key pillars: policy and procedures; software; and training.

  1. Policy and Procedures:  
    • Comprehensive policies and procedures centralization through documented policies helps maintain consistency across different teams and departments.
  2. Software: Yardi Voyager, Rent Cafe, Commercial Cafe, Vendor Cafe, Compliance Depot, Forecast IQ, Orion BI, Knock, Respage, Smartsheet, Google Suite, Zoom, etc. 
    • Leveraging advanced software solutions, we have centralized critical business functions. Our integrated software platform serves as a centralized hub for managing diverse operations, including finance, customer relationship management, project management, and more. This ensures real-time collaboration, data accuracy, and a unified view of our business processes.
  3. Training: Aspire REMM University, In Person and Virtual Training Workshops
    • Centralization of our business practices is reinforced through comprehensive training programs. We invest in training our teams to ensure that everyone follows standardized procedures and understands the core principles outlined in our policies. This not only promotes uniformity in our operations but also enhances the skillset of The REMM Group workforce, contributing to overall organizational efficiency. —Susan McPeak, Corporate Ambassador, The REMM Group

Mary Cook

Mary Cook, founder & president, Mary Cook Associates

Creative Endeavors 

Over the last couple of years, we reimagined our processes to better support our design teams. We developed a studio model that is led by a senior designer and includes a team of cross-functional talent and expertise. Designers working together are like an artist colony. This centralized approach provides a framework that nurtures and cultivates the best of their creative genius while still operating in an efficient and structured environment.

We realized everyone had a different way of storing drawings and project  information so we also created a centralized way to file and label things. It’s now a one-stop location to find what’s needed. We’re currently working on centralizing our procurement process. Easy access to vendor and product information will help us be more agile and cost-efficient in the midst of rising costs and accelerated  —Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

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