MHN Executive Council: Advice for Aspiring Multifamily Professionals

Advice for those getting into the industry.

What advice would you give those just starting out in the multifamily industry? Or what advice do you wish was given to you when you were starting out? The MHN Executive Council shares their best tips.

Dan Ford, Director of Asset and Property Management, The Clear Blue Co.

Practical Experience

My answer to this is to get some on-site experience even if it’s a summer or part time position. Learning how a property operates is by far the best way to move your career forward. With even three months of experience as a leasing consultant you will be much more valuable to your next employer. —Dan Ford, Director of Asset and Property Management, The Clear Blue Co.

Cyrus Claffey, founder, ButterflyMX

Have the Drive

The best thing you can have as a multifamily professional is drive. The willingness to put in work everywhere—networking, innovating, and customer service. Look at setbacks as a chance for growth and take every opportunity that comes your way. Consistent work is the key to success in multifamily. —Cyrus Claffey, Founder, ButterflyMX

Thomas Williams, EVP & COO, Specialty Consultants

Get Out There

Network, network, network. In your company, with your competitors, with other industry professionals.  Accept responsibility for failure, share the spotlight of success and work to improve the lives of the people in your life. Grit, determination and persistence are qualities to develop and use to grow your profile and build the foundation for whatever success means to you. —Thomas Williams, EVP & COO, Specialty Consultants

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