Evergreen Line Expands with Apartment-Size Boilers

Well-McLain’s new line of compact products is designed to accommodate tight space. They are also energy efficient and can interact with various building management systems.

By Mallory Bulman

evergreenWeil-McLain, an industrial, residential and commercial heating systems manufacturer, has expanded its Evergreen line of high-efficiency boilers to include three smaller sizes to fit small residential or light commercial use. The 95 percent AFUE (annual fuel use efficiency) boiler is now available in 70-, 110- and 155K-British Thermal Unit (BTUH) input sizes, accompanying the line’s existing 220-, 299- and 399-BTUH sizes.

The Evergreen boiler is designed to lower both a building’s utility bills and its carbon footprint. Designated Most Efficient by Energy Star, the Evergreen line derives its name from its consistently sustainable design. “With the addition of these three new sizes, we now have a complete line of Evergreen units ideal for both small and large residential projects as well as light commercial applications,” said Mike Boyd, product manager with Weil-McLain. “These durable units are adaptable for most heating demands to effortlessly ensure heating comfort through multiple zones, and feature cutting-edge technology with simple controls and flexible functionality.

Installation of the unit can qualify for local utility rebates in some areas, and the boiler’s user-friendly design makes installation simple for contractors with its guided setup graphic interface, streamlined controls and 10 heating system presets for quick setup. The compact design of the Evergreen units are easily maneuvered in tight spaces, which eliminates extra rigging costs.  

For residential and light commercial customers who require a multiple boiler setup, two to eight Evergreen boilers can be combined. Three multiple-boiler sequencing options include smart mode, series mode and parallel mode. According to the company, optimal energy efficiency yields reduce energy costs with up to 96 percent combustion efficiency. 

The unit, which can be wall-mounted or stand alone, includes: a stainless steel fire-tube heat-exchanger with non-metallic base; a Modbus communication with building management system connectivity; natural or propane gas options; an interactive diagnostic tool; boiler circulator and low water cut-off.


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