Strong Site-level Teams Ensure a Better Investment

The June issue of MHN Magazine focuses on operations

Multifamily owners/investors are masters of the deal, but how frequently do they imagine what it would be like to live in one of the apartment assets in their portfolio? We know this important question is pondered by savvy investors and their trusted team members, and if a property falls short of expectations, steps are taken to improve the living experience. But why not take a more hands-on approach—why not spend 24 hours living at a property? That’s what the architects at D2 Architecture in Dallas have done on more than one occasion. As they told MHN during a recent interview with News Editor Jessica Fiur, you might have an abstract idea of what it’s like to live in a seniors housing facility, but do you really know what it’s like to be a resident there?

In order to learn more about the useful design elements in seniors housing, D2 Architecture has started the Sleepover Project, which allows them to spend a day at the facilities as a resident to learn more about the community. Read the full interview: “Getting an Insider’s Perspective on Seniors Housing.” In this June issue of MHN Magazine, we are focusing on operations, because strong site-level teams aid resident retention and build a better investment. Apartments had an impressive year when it came to transaction activity in 2012. Which companies are in the lead now? In this month’s Research Report: Indexes/Rankings, MHN takes a look at Top Apartment Investors. The Property Management feature reveals effective tips for dealing with resident turnovers while minimizing profit loss and maintaining a positive relationship with the outgoing residents. This special Operations Issue of MHN also delves into the paperless leasing office, cutting-edge marketing technology such as Near Field Communication, and value-add property makeovers that can give luxury properties a run for their money.

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Diana Mosher
Editorial Director
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