Does Interior Design Matter in Rental Housing?

When considering an apartment's interior design, think simple, but also add a touch of something special that will appeal to potential renters.

We all know that among aspects that a renter is looking for, there are a few that are most important: location and amenities. But what about the interior design of? Does it matter? The answer is yes! As a property manager you have to pay attention to all details. Because interior design trends come and go, the best thing to do is create a timeless look.


Color is the first thing that residents notice in a space. People will always look for a house that feels like home. So, when choosing paint colors, stick to warm neutrals because they will work with most furniture or décor and give the apartment some character. If you want to attract younger generations, you can use a pop of color such as an accent wall or patterned wallpaper.

Attention to details

If you don’t want your renters to put nails into the wall, you can head them off at the pass by hanging a painting in the living room or in the bedroom. Choose paintings that appeal to most. For example, pictures of nature or animals. If you’re organizing property tours, place fresh flowers in every room, as they will give the impression of a cozy and welcoming house. Plants or a vase will also make a big impact when decorating a space. 

Use natural materials

People want to live in spaces that are calm and cool. Natural elements such as wood, rocks or ceramics can add a very homey effect to the place, plus they never really go out of style. If you’re thinking of remodeling floors, stairways, cabinets or countertops, use wood in a medium stain for flooring and quartz, tile and granite for the kitchen and/or bathroom.


Last but not least, functionality plays a very important role in any living space. Storage space is a great investment and will always be appreciated by renters. It’s a must to provide plenty of storage in the kitchen and in the bathroom. You can also add a few shelves to an empty wall for books, photos and your renters’ personal belongings.


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