Could Your Apartment Be Haunted?

What would you do if a resident said his apartment was haunted? Here are some explanations for possible "supernatural" occurrences.

By Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Ghosts do not exist. It’s a scientific fact. However, some people still strongly believe in the paranormal and supernatural. I recently came across a discussion on Multifamily Insiders where a landlord wrote that one of his residents said her apartment was haunted and didn’t want to live there, and he asked what he should do about it.

What would you do if one of your residents said their apartment was haunted? Would you take it seriously and look into it? Would you move them into a different apartment immediately?

Of course, there could be some rational reason why the apartment seems haunted. Here are some things that could happen in an apartment that could make it seem haunted, along with what could actually be going on.

The supernatural: Doors and cabinets slam on their own. The actual: This is probably caused by drafty windows, or doors that are too heavy. See if replacing the windows, or making sure they’re closed all the way. Actually, if this is fixed, it could end up helping the resident save money on heating or a/c. If the doors are too heavy, you could maybe put a stopper there to prop them open.

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