Connected Kitchens: Cook with Confidence

Smart appliances are taking advantage of step-by-step recipe apps to make cooking less stressful and less time-consuming.

“Smart” often means multiple devices used by multiple people, operated by different apps, voice-control assistants or a screen. Kitchen appliances have become increasingly high tech. Smart coffee markers, smart juicers,

Tech companies have done a lot of research in food-service connectivity in order to bring the most beneficial amenity to every resident. Some of them go beyond the ability to connect devices via a smart app. For example, there are devices that have the technology to allow for incredibly precise temperature control and can actually change how the heat is distributed.

Helpful gadgets

Connected scales are among those gadgets that every cook—beginner or not—should own. For example, the Perfect Bake Pro by the Perfect Co. works with an app to make sure you use the right proportions of ingredients. The scale monitors your mixing bowl or shaker in real time, telling you how much to pour. Usually, these apps come up with plenty of recipes for you to choose, and you can add your own.

Another example is the smart crock pot, on which you can easily adjust cooking settings from wherever you are by using an app. You can check on the temperature or cook-time, change settings to warm or even turn off the device right from your smartphone.

Countertop appliances

If your countertop space allows you, you can get high-tech cooking devices that do all the work for you. There are those types of ovens, like June’s The June Intelligent Oven, which uses a camera to look at the food you’re cooking and determine exactly how to cook it best. It knows even what temperature to use and how much time it needs to be cooked. You just need to confirm the type of food you want to cook and let it do the rest. And you can check the whole process through the camera on your app.

Grocery ordering

There are a lot of apps that do the groceries for you. The only thing you have to do is download the app, sign up for a membership, select your groceries, choose your delivery option and check out. Then, in about an hour, the delivery guy will knock on your door with your goods. If you’re an Amazon Prime member and based in a major city, AmazonFresh may become your got-to grocery delivery service. The app offers a selection of more than 500,000 items including fresh produce, home essentials and toys, among others. 

The Internet if Things is able to connect things, not just people. All these smart features are meant to make people’s life easier, so there aren’t any excuses left to why not cook. These, and many more smart devices and gadgets help us spend less time in the kitchen and do other fun things that bring us joy.

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