Coat’N’Cool Reflective Roof Coating Earns Energy Star Rating

Reflective roof coatings are a simple but effective way to reduce energy costs. Four products from Coat'N'Cool were recently awarded an Energy Star Rating for their performance.


Yorba Linda, Calif.—Reflective roof coatings are a simple but effective way to reduce energy costs. By deflecting solar radiation, the near-visible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation emitted by the sun, such coatings can reduce the cost of energy used for cooling by 10 to 30 percent, according to Coat’N’Cool, the Orange County, Calif., based producer of Coat’N’Cool brand architectural coatings.

Four cool roofing products manufactured by the firm recently earned an Energy Star rating. Coat’N’Cool boasts that a cool roof can lower interior temperatures of a building by 8-12 degrees during the hottest four hours of a summer day. The Energy Star rated coatings, which can be applied like paint (either rolled or sprayed) are available in four colors—basecoat white, topcoat antique white, topcoat butter cream and topcoat siltstone.

Coat'N'Cool Application

The Coat’N’Cool system is most effective when the reflective basecoat is used in combined with the UV resistant topcoat. This gives owners and property managers a wide range of color choices (36 in total) that all reflect solar radiation to a degree. Even black represents a 30.5 percent total solar reflectance. The lighter the color, the greater the reflectance.

The long-lasting coating is engineered through the use of a 1-part water-borne epoxy technology with complex inorganic compound pigments (CICPs). The CICPs are finely crushed and mixed with the water-borne epoxy to achieve the high reflectivity and high fade resistance. Cool’N’Coat also has the added benefit of protecting a roof from sun damage, which can help prevent maintenance issues down the road.

For more information on Coat’N’Cool visit their website.

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