Challenges of Being a Multifamily Marketer

Bell Partners' Sarah Bessette discusses today’s most pressing issues, as well as best practices from outside the industry.

Sarah Bessette. Image courtesy of Bell Partners

Sarah Bessette. Image courtesy of Bell Partners

Multifamily marketing is an intricate field. One moment you could be focused on how to properly market the company to residents, investors, business partners, or even potential employees. Or you could be taking a deep dive into the latest technologies that might ramp up your marketing strategy. And what if you’ve just entered the multifamily space from outside the industry and are looking to incorporate some best practices you’ve learned along the way?

In this episode of “Multifamily’s Top Marketers,” Multi-Housing News’ Senior Associate Editor IvyLee Rosario spoke to Sarah Bessette, vice president of Marketing at Bell Partners, to discuss some of the major challenges facing multifamily marketers today.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Major challenges (0:39)
  • Coming from outside the industry (3:06)
  • Best practices for multifamily marketing (7:31)
  • Marketing to different groups (13:44)
  • Technology overload (17:01)
  • Does a holy grail solution exist? (21:09)

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