Burke Decor’s Wall Patterns Pack a Punch

The commercial wallcoverings are more durable and easier to clean than traditional wallpaper, and the company offers faux finishes replicating the look of wood, marble, tiles and more.

If you wanted proof that trends are cyclical, look no further than wallpaper. While the past decade has eschewed the small, delicate floral patterns of the ’80s and the gingham-papered kitchens of the ’90s, it’s clear that wallpaper, in some iterations, is back in a big way. For multifamily buildings, adding wallpaper strategically can be a relatively inexpensive upgrade to a space with little visual interest.

Today’s multifamily community designers are taking a lot of cues from the hospitality industry and renters now expect an updated building to boast finishes and design elements that give off the kind of high-end ambiance hotel lobbies or lounges. While wallpaper may be big in the interior design community, the latest and trendiest patterns may not be suitable for commercial application. Residential wallpaper is lighter, smaller in size and often made without bearing wear-and-tear, sun exposure or ease of cleaning in mind.

Burke Decor’s selection of commercial wallcoverings, however, are specially produced to lend the weight, durability and size required for commercial spaces. The company is an online homegoods retailer that mostly sells consumer-facing products, but also offers an extensive collection of wallcoverings, including faux textures like brick, wood, marble and suede, as well as a plethora of pattern trends like oversized palm leaves, iconographic animal prints, nature-inspired feather and botanical patterns, among many others.

The faux finishes make it possible to install the look of ever-popular subway tiles to a bath or kitchen within a matter of hours rather than days, and is easier to replace than its authentic counterpart. Similarly, the look of wood panels or bricks can be replicated without the time-consuming and costly construction process.

Burke Decor’s commercial wallcoverings selection runs the gamut from classic florals to edgy geometric designs, allowing for multifamily buildings to embrace trends more frequently without constant construction and costly remodeling.

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