Blinds Between Glass Keep Rooms Cool, Reduce Damage

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ODL's Blink Blinds + Glass encases blinds within insulated glass, avoiding the dust accumulation, tangling and breakage that often occurs with traditional blinds.

It’s no secret that rental units take a lot of abuse as residents come in and out. Window treatments are necessary, both for residents’ comfort and energy efficiency, but standard blinds can easily be broken and don’t always stand the test of time. ODL Inc., a provider of decorative and clear door glass, has developed a solution combining energy-efficient, insulated glass with easy-to-operate blinds.

Blink Blinds + Glass encase the blinds within the glass, keeping them safe from damage and reducing the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that enters the room with its Low-E and dual Low-E glass. This combination results in an easy-to-use, tangle-free blind solution that also keeps spaces cooler, saving on energy costs. Blink Blinds + Glass is a custom product that the company offers in a variety of sizes and colors and delivers in eight days or fewer. Blink requires no minimum order quantity, offers size options up to 80 inches and blind color choices of white, tan, espresso, slate gray and silver.

“Being an industry leader for more than 20 years, we know from experience that manufacturers work with tight deadlines and benefit greatly from short lead times from the companies they partner with,” said Ken Jordan, national sales manager at ODL. “Manufacturers can depend on Blink to deliver quickly and arrive ready to go.”

Enclosed blinds are ideal for all kinds of renters, especially those with kids and/or pets, or allergies, as there is no dusting, tangling or denting blinds behind glass. Blinds can be opened and closed completely or anywhere in between with its fingertip operation. The company is also and ENERGY STAR partner, and its products can be used to meet its standards in eco-friendly properties.

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