Bird Home Automation Expands Intercom Line

The Berlin-based manufacturer’s new IP video door station allows users to see and talk to visitors remotely and includes a keypad for access control PIN codes.

DoorBird D2101IKH

DoorBird D2101IKH

Bird Home Automation Group, a Berlin-based manufacturer of IP video door intercoms, has introduced the DoorBird D2101IKH, the company’s newest expansion of the DoorBird line. The IP video door station includes an info panel, integrated keypad for access control PIN codes, a wide-angle camera, RFID reader, one call button and a two-way audio system.

The new model can gain access to premises using either the DoorBird app, the built-in RFID reader or by entering a PIN code on the keypad. Individual access codes can be assigned in order to provide access at scheduled times or only once. When using the app, mobile devices connected to the D2101IKH can be used to open doors remotely, receive notifications when someone rings the doorbell and see and speak to visitors.

The DoorBird D2101IKH is weatherproof and made of stainless steel. Both the call button and the info panel, where printed cards or graphics can be inserted to display various information, are backlit.

Image courtesy of Bird Home Automation Group

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