Tudor Scolca-Seușan is an Associate Editor with Commercial Property Executive and Multi-Housing News. He joined CPE and MHN in 2017 and is passionate about doing research for the two publications. He is responsible for data center and industrial coverage on CPE, writing seasonal metro reports on multifamily, interviews and features, as well as occasionally editing news stories.

Brooklyn. Photo by Arturo Stanig/iStockphoto.com

Brooklyn Multifamily Report – January 2024

The borough sports one of the country’s best rent growth levels.

Chicago. Photo by Tamara Williams/iStockphoto.com

Chicago Multifamily Report – January 2024

While many metrics dampened, the Windy City pulled off this rare feat.

Where Are Office-to-Apartment Conversions Happening—and Why?

These projects are surging, new research reveals. Here’s a look at the top metros leading the charge.

Baltimore. Photo by f11photo/iStockphoto.com

Baltimore Multifamily Report – December 2023

While growth softened, rent gains remained positive.

San Jose. Photo by simonkr/iStockphoto.com

San Jose Multifamily Report – December 2023

Metro San Jose showed both pain points and resilience as 2024 drew nearer.

Los Angeles. Photo by Trung Pham/iStockphoto.com

Los Angeles Multifamily Report – November 2023

In line with large Western peers, L.A. underperformed in late 2023.

San Diego. Photo by halbergman/iStockphoto.com

San Diego Multifamily Report – November 2023

Rent growth endures, but its pace has slowed.

Where Are the Most Competitive US Rental Markets?

RentCafe’s year-end report reveals the national leaders.

Indianapolis. Photo by Pgiam/iStockphoto.com

Indianapolis Multifamily Report – October 2023

Despite steady deliveries, multifamily rents are rising at a fast clip.

Richmond. Photo by Alex Potemkin/iStockphoto.com

Richmond Multifamily Report – October 2023

Despite the general slowdown, rents are still up year-over-year.

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