Attracting Animal Lovers With Pet Amenities

There are a few basic amenities that every pet lover wants when searching for a new place to stay with their fluffy one. Here are some suggestions of pet amenities to include in your community.

Many Millennials are making their future home decisions based on their pets, so as a property manager it’s important to take this consideration. More and more developers and property managers are offering 

Here are some suggestions for amenities to appeal to pet owners.

Make a dedicated space

As an animal lover and a dog owner, but also as someone who likes to just stay in bed when my dog wants to go out, I know how important it is to have a door for my little friend to go out whenever he needs to. It’s a win-win situation. He gets to go out and stay however long he wants, and I can stay inside. While you might not want to allow residents to add doggy doors to their apartments, you can still allow pet owners to make some changes to have access to a private area, like a basement or another room where they can store their cats’ litter boxes, dogs’ leashes and toys, etc. Another option is to have a separate room for the pets to play.

Build a mud room

Then there’s the rain problem. Besides getting all wet, dogs end up looking like they bathed in mud, right? Well, having a mud room comes in handy in situations like this. It’s a bonus room where you can remove your own dirty shoes and wet jackets, but also wipe down muddy paws and messy fur.

Have Outdoor dog parks

Having an area surrounded by fences is important for three reasons: your pets are safe from other outside “problems” that can appear such as vehicles, people who don’t like animals or other animals that may be aggressive; your dog can run freely and play with other pets; and you can stay more relaxed knowing your pet is in a safe environment.

What other amenities have you found useful for pet owners?

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