Amazon’s New Headquarters, and What to Do When You Have Your Choice of Residents

By Jessica Fiur and

The areas where Amazon is building its new headquarters will see a boom in people looking for apartments and condos. How should property managers make sure they're selecting the best people for their buildings?

“We should have bought our Queens apartment,” my husband lamented this morning. 

Our one-bedroom walk-up with a clanky old heater, no parking and occasional water bug problem was not without its charms, of course. But with a baby on the way, a new job for my husband that wasn’t accessible by subway and the siren song of more than one bathroom, we moved on to greener pastures—the New Jersey suburbs.

What idiots.

Of course, by now you’ve heard that Amazon is moving its headquarters to Long Island City in Queens, N.Y. Had we held on to our apartment in Sunnyside, which is a stop or two off the 7 train from Long Island City, we could have sold the place for roughly a trillion dollars. News of Amazon’s new headquarters has already sparked a condo feeding frenzy in Queens. 

Good news for those apartment owners and developers in the area though, right? Also for those in Crystal City in Arlington, Va., the other are that will see an Amazon apartment acceleration effect.

Anyway, those property managers will have their choice of residents, those lucky ducks. If you’re in one of those areas, or if you manage a property in a popular area, how do you make sure you’re picking the best residents for your community?

Take your time. But not too long. Sure, you might be feeling like the belle of the ball right now. And you have tons of options, so you don’t have to settle for the first person who shows up at your door. But that doesn’t mean the captain of the football team at the other community isn’t also courting renters. Also, I watch a lot of rom-coms. Anyway, you can afford to be choosy now, but remember that people need a place to live, and won’t wait around forever. 

Take the time to run references. What a luxury! You can make sure the person didn’t damage their past units or have complaints about their tap dancing all night or run out on their rent. 

Run credit checks. And get your security deposits. I know, you do this anyway. But you may be able to be more selective now. 

Um, still be fair. And ethical. And law abiding. I’d hope this would go without saying, but, just in case, make sure you’re following Fair Housing and other laws. Don’t discriminate just because now you more people are applying to your community. Seriously, just be cool, OK?

What are some other strategies for making sure you’re selecting the best resident for your community when it’s a competitive market in your favor? What are your thoughts on the Amazon announcement? Post your comments on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur.

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