Airthings Presents First IAQ Radon System

The company recently introduced Wave Plus, an easy-to-use Android- and iOS-compatible device that delivers data analytics, which not only help prevent indoor air hazards but also reduce energy costs.

By Alex Ciorogar

Airthings has launched the first battery-operated smart indoor air quality monitor with temperature, air pressure, humidity, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and radon detection sensors. This Android- and iOS-compatible device is suitable for both multifamily and office spaces. The Airthings Dashboard allows users to view, compare and export data analytics, which help in reducing indoor air hazards, while also saving energy costs.

The Airthings Hub allows for remote control of the device. The hub connects approximately 50 wireless devices found within a 300-foot range and features ethernet, bluetooth and Airthings SmartLink connectivity. Users can wave in front of the device to receive a color-coded visual indicator of the overall levels of air quality (green for healthy levels, yellow for temporarily high levels and red for unhealthy levels).

Easily mountable on a wall, Airthings Wave Plus functions on two AA batteries with an estimated 2-3-year life cycle. The company offers the following models: Wave, Home, Plus and Pro.

Photos courtesy of Airthings

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