Add a Centerpiece to Your Outdoor Space with a Saber Grill

Can you smell it? Grilling season is almost here and it is time to evaluate your current setup. If you need a new unit, the infrared Saber SS 670 will surely make your residents smile without breaking your bank.

Saber Grills

Columbus, Ga.—With less than three weeks to prepare for opening day of the 2012 major league grilling season (Monday, May 28), it might be a good time to evaluate your setup. Is your grill clean? Is it easy to use? Is it safe?

If your grill doesn’t meet these three standards, then your residents may choose not to use it. Instead, they may decide to use a personal charcoal grill on their balcony or on your landscaped yard. Keeping your grills in tip-top condition is an easy way to ensure that your residents will continue to use them. If you already have a good grilling setup that just needs a little maintenance, check out this cleaning guide.

But what if you need a new grill? Choosing a new grill is no easy task. There are literally hundreds of choices ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to the price of a decent used car.

The perfect grill for an apartment community should be large enough to cook for groups, but easy enough to operate as to not intimidate would-be users. The grill should be tough and easy to maintain as well. It should also have marketing appeal, as the grill really is an inexpensive amenity (on the grand scale) that can serve to create a sense of community within your property.

Saber Grills LLC is relatively new to the grilling scene with their November 2011 debut. But a new product line does not mean a lack of experience. The company is a division of Char-Broil LLC, one of the oldest and well-known outdoor cooking companies. Saber has created some truly great grills that are engineered from the ground up to be the most advanced, performance-driven and value-priced units in grilling. The company currently offers six-full size infrared grills and two built-in units that range from $799 to $1,699 in price. For the purpose of apartment owners, it makes sense to focus in on the Saber SS 670, the largest of the pack.

The Saber SS 670 comes in standalone and built-in variants. If you are lucky enough to have four seasons of grilling weather, then it would be worth your while to take a look at the built-in version on a nice brick or stone alter near the pool. Talk about class.

With either option, you are getting four zones of cooking temperatures with four burners. This means that tuna steaks can be cooked to rare perfection right next to a medium-well filet mignon. You can even toss some vegetables directly on the cooking surface without having to worry about any flare-ups thanks to Saber’s cooking grate and infrared emitter.

By using radiant heat, rather than the convection heat used by traditional grills, the Saber line ensures that all types of food will retain their natural moisture. Smarter grill technology means better food. Better food means happier residents. Property mangers will also be happy to hear that Saber grills are efficient, using 30 percent less gas than traditional grills thanks to the inherent faster cooking ability of infrared heat.

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