8 Ways to Spread the Love at Your Apartment Community This Valentine’s Day

Love in the time of social distancing: a V-Day guide for property managers.

Image by Daria-Yakovleva via Pixabay

Valentine’s Day is about love, but it can also trigger mixed reactions. Some people adore it and some abhor it. And it can also be challenging to host resident events during a time when social distancing might need to be considered.

This can make it difficult to come up with “loveable” marketing campaigns for the holiday, but it’s also a push to get creative. Here are some ideas you can develop to seduce current and future residents.

  • A few days before Valentine’s Day, start with some well-crafted social media campaigns. Social media posts can include recommendations for local places you love to visit. Create a hashtag, post a photo of the place, write one or two sentences about what you find entrancing about them and tag their social media business page. Then, invite your residents to do the same. This will not only help your residents discover cool places around the neighborhood but will also help you discover who they are and what they like. In addition, it will allow them to communicate with each other.

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  • Also on social media, ask your residents to share a funny or cringy date story. Funny date fails are very entertaining to read. Or invite them to share love stories—maybe someone met their partner or friend at the property you manage. Use this to create a stronger sense of community. You can take it a step further and offer a romantic dinner raffle prize. Select the winner by using an app or asking the readers to upvote their favorite story.
  • Set up a photo area at your community. Use Valentine’s Day decorations—balloons, party hats with cheesy messages, etc.—and also anti-Valentine’s Day props, such as black hearts. (Why not show some love to those who don’t like this holiday, too?) However, make sure that the designs you use for the latter category spell sarcasm, not meanness.

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  • Love is more than just romantic gestures, so you can set up a Valentine’s Day fundraiser for a cause you and your residents believe in. Promote it at your property and on your social media platforms—you can create a Facebook profile frame that charity supporters can use—and make it easy for everyone to chip in.
  • Treat your newest renters with a bottle of champagne. Attach a note with a message such as “Put this bottle on ice. We can’t wait to celebrate your new home with you!”
  • Don’t neglect your current residents! Drop by with some classic treats: Flowers or potted plants, candy or chocolates. Checking on their well-being is a great conversation starter. Not to mention that gestures like this can make the lease renewal process a breeze. In addition, they might be so touched by this that they tell their friends what a great place this is to live, enticing new renters.

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  • Announce an unexpected discount. If a current renter’s referral materializes into a new lease agreement signed during the week with Valentine’s Day, offer them a discount on their rent for the following month.
  • Target pet owners at your property and treat them with some heart-shaped snacks and chewable bouquets of roses for their fur-babies. Just make sure you label the pet treats accordingly—you wouldn’t want the owners to taste them themselves!

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