51 Ways to Save Water and Energy at Your Properties

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Although we may be looking at an expensive summer, these tips will go a long way toward operating your property more cost-effectively.

Many property managers are on the lookout for ways to save water and energy at their properties. And that’s important, because you and your residents could be facing higher-than-average energy bills this summer (and every summer to come). Here are a few reasons why:

  • The average summer temperature has risen 0.32 degrees per decade since 1981, so we could be in for record-high temperatures (again)
  • Kids and teenagers who would otherwise be playing outside, at camp or in summer school may find themselves shut in at home, and adults may be working from home during the pandemic
  • Air conditioners, laundry machines, TVs and other electronics could run longer and more often, further increasing your residents’ energy bills

Although we may be looking at an expensive summer, there are many ways to save water and energy at your properties. So, we put together a bite-sized list to help you out. (That’s 51 “bites” to be precise). Share this list with your residents and encourage them to be as green as possible.

1. Offer energy-efficiency kits to welcome new residents

Move-in kits are always a great way to welcome new renters on their first day. It sets a positive tone that can carry over to all future interactions. An energy-efficiency kit goes even further, showing your residents that you’re there to help them lower their bills and environmental impact. Kits can contain energy-efficient lightbulbs, low-flow shower heads, smart thermometers, etc.

If anything in the kit requires installation, it’s better to have that done in advance, but let them know what new amenities you added before they moved in. They’ll love to hear about it!

Read the full list.

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