5 Simple Health Tips for Busy Leasing Agents

Self care is important! Here are some tips for how leasing agents can take care of themselves on the job.

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Many leasing agents can attest to the difficulty of staying healthy at work. We’re not talking about green smoothies and salads for lunch every day (unless that’s something you’re into, then by all means), but self-care is important. It’s not hard, either. Here are some health tips for busy leasing agents.

Just remember, nobody’s perfect. If you can manage to do most of these tips most of the time, you just might feel healthier, more alert and less stressed at work.

1. Go on a short walk once or twice a day

It’s amazing what a little movement can do for your health. Sitting down for long periods of time is particularly unhealthy for your heart, yet many office workers spend most of the day in a chair.

It’s worth it for your health, both in the short and long-term, to take a walk at least once or twice every day at work. Even on days you don’t have any showings, this health tip is easier to accomplish than you think.

  • Go around the block with a co-worker to grab a cup of coffee
  • Schedule “walking” meetings for conversations that don’t require a computer or phone
  • Step outside and follow a short path along the premises
  • Check in on the common areas at your properties (it probably involves at least a little walking)

If you can go on a 10-minute walk twice a day, you’re doing amazing! Your heart will thank you.

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