5 Keys to Improve Email Effectiveness

How to make the most out of your communications.

Image courtesy of Multifamily Insiders.

We use email both to communicate internally with our teams and externally with our prospects and social connections. We have become increasingly dependent on email as our vehicle to communicate. Today, while at work a person probably receives over 100 emails a day. There are several keys to improve the effectiveness of your email.

Depending on the importance and severity of your message, email is not always the best method of communication. But in the event that you are sending an email, here are some tips that can improve your email effectiveness.

The Preview Screen

Too many readers do not scroll down or past the preview screen. Whether the view offers a first paragraph or just a few phrases, the impression given in the preview screen creates a sense of the content of the email. With this preview, the reader determines if they will keep reading or assume they have the key thought behind your message, and move on to the next item in their inbox.

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