4 Ways Multifamily Operators Can Use Technology to Improve Resident Experience

How multifamily operators can use technology to make residents (and prospects) happier.

Here are four ways multifamily operators can use technology to improve the resident experience:

1. Embrace IoT (the Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things is all the rage today. We’d point out that much of the excitement is more hype than anything else. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon because “everybody else is doing it;” but don’t ignore it either.

While “smart” technology (thermostats, refrigerators, doorbells, etc.) are getting the bulk of attention, here are a couple less obvious ways you can use IoT:

  • Provide a wearable as move-in or renewal gifts – who wouldn’t love a new FitBit, well we’re sure there’s someone, but they’d likely be happy to give it to someone else as a gift themselves.
  • Provide ultra high-speed Internet access to residents as either an amenity or even at a fee.

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