4 Halloween Activities for Multifamily Employees

Because why should residents have all the fun?

It’s the most wonderful time of year—Snickerspalooza! (Halloween.)

I’m sure you have lots of fun things planned for your residents. And that’s great. There are many benefits of celebrating Halloween at your multifamily community. You’ll get great social media content, you’ll get good word of mouth from your residents, all that.

But why should the residents have all the fun?

In addition to the benefits listed above, it could help retain your employees. And while the Great Resignation might have slowed down, you still want to have a pleasant work environment. (Speaking of, though, some people want to just do their work and then leave, which is fine, too. Don’t force them to participate if they don’t want to.)

Here are some ideas for your team to celebrate Halloween.

Dress to Impress. Ask the onsite team to dress up in costume. It’s a Halloween classic for a reason! Make sure to take lots of pictures for social media and interact with residents. You can even pick a theme for everyone. Some suggestions:

  • Hocus Pocus: can include the Sanderson sisters, zombie Bill Butcherson, and old-school Madonna (IYKYK).
  • The Bear: The hit FX show would be pretty easy to emulate—you just need blue aprons, white t-shirts and banadanas. Plus chefs are always in comfy shoes, which is definitely a benefit when you’re working.
  • Stranger Things: Lots of choices, but bonus points for anyone who attempts Venca makeup. And a million bonus points if someone dresses as Eddie Munson, because he is super cute despite (because of?) the ’80s-tastic hair. Chrissy, wake up, indeed.
  • House of the Dragon: Um, I didn’t actually watch this, so I can’t really help. But maybe you can wear an old Khaleesi wig or something?

‘Ghost’ Residents. Nicely. This is basically reverse trick or treating. (I’ve heard it called both “ghosting” and “booing.”) You can divide up the apartment units among any team member who wants to participate. Make up some goodie bags (no raisins, please. Let’s be civilized here), put it down in front of a door, ring the doorbell, and run (giggling while you’re running away is totally optional, but encouraged).

‘Ghost’ Your Lobby. Scarily. Your team members can help decorate the lobby or communal area and turn it into a haunted house. Fog machines are always welcome, and not just for Halloween.


Image courtesy of Pexels.com

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Multifamily. (Sigh. That was bad. I’m changing it: Decorate Pumpkins.) Have everyone carve or decorate a pumpkin and display them around the community. You can have residents vote on their favorites, and keep the winning one on display for a little while after Halloween. And if your team is also dressing up to a theme, the pumpkins can also be decorated to that theme.

Are you doing anything with your multifamily team members for Halloween? Post your comments on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur. And if you all dress up, send pics!

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