18 Suggestions for Halloween Apartment Events

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Get in the Halloween "spirit" (get it?) with these ideas for your residents.

Note from the editor: This list was originally going to contain 666 suggestions, but I didn’t want to summon anything evil. Also, what am I, nuts? Coming up with 18 was hard enough!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? I’m thinking of wearing my combat boots, ripped jeans, a flannel shirt and my hair pulled back with two wispy tendrils hanging down in front to frame my face and go as myself in high school in the ’90s, because it’s easy and I can also pretend I’m not in a costume if no one else is dressed up at work. 

Even if you’re not dressing up, you can still get excited for Halloween—and do a fun resident event at your apartment community. 

Need some suggestions? Here are 18.

  1. Have sign up sheets for trick or treating, so residents who want to get involved can, and those who don’t won’t be bothered (but may be egged)
  2. Costume contest
  3. Pet costume contest

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  4. Themed costume party—everyone can dress as their favorite Stephen King character, Harry Potter character, variation of a Joker, etc.
  5. Costume parade (residents and pets)
  6. Scary movie marathon—you can go classic horror like Psycho and (duh) Halloween or go the kids route like The Nightmare Before Christmas, but whatever you do, you need to include Hocus Pocus because for some reason everyone has been obsessed with that for the past couple of years (Though I, too, have run amok, amok amok, so I totally get it)
  7. Cookie or cupcake decorating
  8. Spooky dance party
  9. Host an escape room
  10. Design a mask
  11. Trunk or treating—interested residents decorate their cars and people can visit the cars for candy instead of going to the apartments
  12. Decorate gingerbread haunted houses
  13. Host a murder mystery game
  14. Carve jack-‘o-lanterns
  15. “Boo” your residents (This is a new one for me, but apparently leading up to Halloween people in the suburbs leave candy on their neighbors’ doorsteps, ring the doorbell, and then run a way. Sort of like putting a bag of dog poop on your neighbor’s porch and then running away but with candy, but really like a reverse trick or treating)
  16. Have a “decorate your door” contest 
  17. Bobbing for apples (it’s a classic for a reason, I guess)
  18. Bobbing for full-sized Snickers bars (let’s make this one a new classic)

What are you doing for Halloween at your apartment? Do you have a better costume than I do (impossible!)? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Post your comments on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur

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