11 Safety Tips to Give Residents Peace of Mind

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Have you considered all of these safety tips?

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There are many ways to provide a safe community: better doors, extra locks, lots of lighting around the property, security guards, a gated entry, etc. Our goal is to list a few safety tips that you might not have thought of yet. These safety tips will help give your residents peace of mind.

1. Don’t let prospects enter units unattended

One of the most important rules in real estate is to know who is supposed to be in each unit. If strangers are walking around your properties, your residents might get uncomfortable.

Some property managers leave keys in a lockbox and give prospects the code. This isn’t a great way to show a property because you don’t know these prospects and can’t be there to answer their questions. If something were to happen to the property or a resident, you could be held responsible.

Bonus safety tip: Unless you’re using advanced self-guided tour technology, it’s safer and smarter for you or someone on your staff to be there.

2. Place cameras in publicly accessible places

Modern technology has made it easy and affordable to record video on your properties. If there’s a trespasser, break-in, mugging or someone notices suspicious activity, cameras can provide the evidence needed to keep your community safe. Obviously, cameras should only be placed in public areas. They can’t be secret or hidden, because you’re not a spy. Some property managers point surveillance cameras at laundry facilities, parking lots, public walkways, mailboxes, etc.

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