Zephyr Releases New Designer Range Hood Collection

The latest offerings feature innovative upgrades and versatile functions.

Zephyr Horizon Hood. Image courtesy of Zephyr

The Zephyr Designer Collection includes six new range ventilation hoods that were inspired by geometry and art.


The Horizon hood features a low profile and a freefall design. It’s available in white or black glass with a matte finish. Dual capture zones collect kitchen odors at two points and integrated capacitive touch controls operate the unit, which also provides ambient lighting for the cooktop.


The Mesa Wall features touch controls for operation and hybrid baffle filters. An optional satin gold or stainless steel accent rail can also be added to the unit.


The Apex Wall is structured with a layered glass canopy and a perimeter aspiration system that keeps grease contained. The design is available in white or matte black glass and features capacitive touch controls.


The Layers Wall resembles the classic pyramid shape of a ventilation hood. The unit is furnished with a perimeter aspiration system, LED lighting and invisible touch controls.


The Vista Wall and Vista Island feature perimeter aspiration, a low-profile stainless steel body, LED lighting and touch controls.

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