Yardi Canada Opens Housing Portal for Fort McMurray Wildfire Evacuees

Managers and owners have stepped up to provide shelter to those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Alberta, Canada—The Fort McMurray wildfire in Canada has been devastating. But in times of strife, people—and in this case, owners and property managers—come through for others. During the fire, Capital Region Housing Corp. (CRHC), the city of Edmonton and the Alberta Residential Landlord Association have partnered with Yardi Canada Ltd. to create a central housing registry through RentCafe for the evacuees. This allows property managers to list vacancies, and for people in need to quickly find new housing. The CRHC has more than 4,500 families looking for shelter, so the housing portal has made lots of affordable housing accessible in a short amount of time. Yardi Canada Ltd. is offering its registry service free of charge for six months, and officials expect that evacuees should all be able to find housing in the next three months because of the efforts of the owners and managers who have listed their units.

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