Wyoming’s Casper College Signs Modular Builder for New $23.5M Student Housing Project

Casper, Wyo.--Casper College in Casper, Wyo., has decided to go modular for its latest student housing project.

Rendering of the modular student housing project

Casper, Wyo.–Casper College in Casper, Wyo., has decided to go modular for its latest student housing project. Leading systems-built construction company American Building Systems L.L.C. (AABS) has just signed on the dotted line with the project’s general contractor, Casper/Pope Joint Venture, to begin erecting the walls of the $23.5 million, 122,000-square-foot facility immediately.

Designed by AndersonMasonDale Architects and Amundsen Associates, the new residence hall, which will replace a smaller student housing property, will consist of four connecting three-story structures that will house 400 students in 200 rooms.

Casper College is no stranger to modular facilities. “While this won’t be the first residence hall to be constructed using this technique, this will be a groundbreaking project for the state of Wyoming,” the school’s Student Housing Committee notes in a program management document. “Modular construction will provide many benefits to Casper College including, but not limited to, cost effectiveness, increased energy efficiency, shorter construction duration, higher quality and cost effective operations.” The school is relying partially on revenue bonds to develop the residence hall.

AABS’s trademark Parallel Construction process will provide the project with a bevy of advantages that do not frequently come in one package when utilizing other building methods. The process calls for off-site factory production to take place simultaneously with on-site activity–such as the pouring of foundations, the placement of underground utilities and the facilitation of road construction–thereby condensing the project timeline. With AABS set to commence work any day now, Casper College’s new housing development is on track to reach completion by August 2011.

“Our parallel construction process enables us to avoid most of the weather-related issues that often plague traditional construction practices, and deliver move-in-ready housing much faster than traditional on-site construction techniques,” Rick Bedell, president of AABS, notes in a press release on the Casper project. “Where else could a college sign a contract for a 200-room residence hall complex with confidence that their students can move in less than one year later? In-plant and on-site efficiencies and shorter construction financing terms also translate into higher-quality, lower-cost projects benefiting the project owner and in this case, students as well.”

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