What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: 5 Apartment Marketing Tips from The Bachelor

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Surprisingly, there are some marketing and leasing tips we can learn from this wildly popular show.

jfiur_infocusBy Jessica Fiur, Managing Editor

Don’t judge me. But, I watched this season of The Bachelor.

Stop it! I feel you judging me!

Look, it was my first time, and there was nothing else on on Mondays, and I was just the tiniest bit curious about what all the fuss was about. But really, there are no good excuses, and I’m sorry for the shame I’ve brought to my family.

Anyway, it was just as terrible/awesome as I hoped it would be! For those of you who don’t know (and, who are we kidding, even if we don’t watch, we know)The Bachelor is a reality show where something like 25 women compete for one man, in this case, a generically handsome guy with no discernible skills or talents named Ben. Each week he gives roses to the women he wants to keep around, and at the end of the season, the “winner” gets a marriage proposal. This season it was down to Lauren B. and Jojo, with Lauren B. ultimately edging out the other one. Spoiler alert. Sorry.

So, trash. Obviously. But wildly, wildly successful trash. This was the 20th (!) season of the show. Not to mention the many seasons of The Bachelorette. Clearly, we can all learn something from this. I choose to get marketing and leasing tips for property managers. Let’s take a look!

Staging is everything. Everything was set up on The Bachelor. The “dates” took place on some of the most beautiful places ever. Every time Ben had to furrow his brow and, I assume, think, he did in front of a cliff or a waterfall or even a rainbow. Even the conversations seemed staged. Nothing is that perfect. The producers and camera guys had to go in and scout out the best locations and set up the best shots and make sure this girl was trashing this other girl while their mics were on. And, you know what, it worked. This wasn’t the 20th season for nothing. So, when you’re photographing an apartment for an ad or for a social media post, make sure that apartment looks good! Bring in a designer, or someone with a very good eye for that. And get everything perfect before taking that shot. Because looks matter. Just ask generically handsome Ben.

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