What Gen-Z Renters Want: 5 Key Takeaways from AIM Reconnect

Do you know what this generation of renters is looking for? Here are a few suggestions to target your marketing campaigns.

Andrew Davis at AIM Reconnect

Gen Z’s oldest members are now 24. That means that they’re starting to rent apartments and—ready or not—now is the time to start marketing to them. Do you know what this new generation of renters is looking for?

At the AIM Reconnect virtual conference, author Andrew Davis and Esther Bonardi, vice president of Corporate & Multifamily Marketing at RentCafe at Yardi Systems, discussed several aspects this key demographic wants—and how to tailor your marketing to appeal to them.

Here are their top five takeaways:

  • Keep them connected. According to Bonardi, who referenced a RentCafe renter survey, Gen Z ranks high-speed internet as the number one amenity they look for, beating fitness centers, parking and laundry.
  • Virtually there. Younger renters like non-traditional ways of looking at apartments. However, it is important to find balance between giving them independence and answers to their questions about the property. Be available by letting prospective residents text you during their viewing.
  • Smarty pants. Gen Z expects technology such as smart locks—and, surprisingly, they ranked it twice as high as Millennials did in terms of importance.
  • Ready, set, review! Apartment reviews are the top way that Gen Z renters research apartments, so make sure your renters are leaving you good reviews! Go on and ask your current residents for reviews, but, be warned—if your resident has a mediocre experience at the community, they probably won’t leave a review, even if you request one.
  • Current Events. Gen Z is all about the authentic experience. They find apartments by Google searches, and according to Bonardi, Google ranked 12 percent higher than apartment listing sites for how these renters look. So having a good website with strong SEO is paramount. Also important, then, is having videos and images of current units that are available to rent.

Find more information about the RentCafe survey at info.yardi.com/genius.

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