A High-Tech Tool For Treating Household Food Waste

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Power Knot's LFC biodigester machines convert everything from banana peels to meat into environmentally safe wastewater through a chemical-free process.

LFC biodigester. Image courtesy of Power Knot

Residents of a new luxury apartment building near London, U.K., will recycle all their waste food onsite by using biodigester machines that convert up to 900 pounds of discarded food per day into environmentally safe wastewater. To make this happen, British developer Comer Homes installed Power Knot’s LFC biodigester technology in Royal Winchester House, its 338-unit residential project in the town of Bracknell.

The property’s design team decided to equip the community with two Power Knot LFC biodigesters in the concierge area, along with individual waste food caddies for each resident that can be handed off to the concierge when full. The LFC biodigesters use a proprietary mix of microbes and enzymes to silently and hygienically process the waste food, producing “gray water” that is destined for local wastewater treatment facilities.

Manufactured in Silicon Valley, the stainless steel machines compost almost all types of waste food, including both raw and cooked foods, via a totally green process that uses no chemicals. Power Knot offers seven biodigester models with a daily capacity ranging from 50 to 2,600 pounds. The California startup’s biodigester machines are also designed to be used in commercial kitchen and foodservice operations.

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