Trevi Village Brings Italy to its Community

The North Carolina community was designed by three: living architecture, which sought to bring together a design of modernized senior living with traditional Italian aesthetics.

Trevi Village rendering

Trevi Village rendering

Charlotte, N.C.—Trevi Village, a continuing-care retirement community in Charlotte, N.C., will be incorporating an Italian Renaissance design into its development, meeting the regulations and standards set for serving seniors and providing residents with a uniquely architectural experience across the community. Trevi Village will be at the heart of a master-planned community, which also features a hotel and office/retail space.

The community was designed by three: living architecture, who sought to bring together a design of modernized senior living with traditional Italian aesthetics. The senior living, hotel and the office/retail space will share a central park and fountain that will connect the project. The architects see the project as a chance to bring generations together by encouraging residents to share spaces and services provided by other businesses within walking distance of the community.

“Trevi is a famous district in Rome, and this client wanted to model its senior living community after the architectural style one would experience while visiting this destination. St. Margaret at Trevi Village will catch visitors by surprise as it weaves them through an experience where there is something new at every turn. In a standard senior living community, there is a street that leads you directly to the community, you are welcomed under a porte cochére, and then you walk into the main lobby and arrive in a commons space. At St. Margaret at Trevi Village, we want visitors to feel the sense of discovery that comes when you visit a place you have never been before,” said Jalil Amine, associate & senior designer of three: living architecture. “The Italians have this way of organizing space so that at every turn one discovers something new and thus an experience is created. For example, there may be a street with a short sidewalk entrance which leads to a wall with lush greenery climbing across an arched side gate and through that gate is an intimate piazza or another courtyard with a trickling water fountain and more vines and flora to set the stage and each space after that leads to the next with hidden turns and happenstances. It’s difficult to recreate that feeling and mimic Italian style while accommodating handicap regulations such as the incorporation of ramps and other standardized features that every senior living community requires to best serve seniors. However, we accepted the challenge and are excited for our vision to unfold.”

Construction of the 12.46-acre, 543,000-square-foot campus will begin in late 2017 and is estimated to be completed by November 2019. St. Margaret at Trevi Village will serve seniors in need of independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing.

Image courtesy of three: living architecture

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