Touch-Based Entry System Detects Break-In Attempts

Features include remote control and monitoring, as well as an Intelligent Authentication Zone, similar to keyless entry systems in cars.

Shepherd Lock. PassiveBolt Inc.

Shepherd Lock. Image courtesy of PassiveBolt Inc.

PassiveBolt Inc., a manufacturer with a background in automotive industry and experience in designing keyless entry systems for cars, has launched the Shepherd Lock. The keyless entry system features an automotive-grade touch technology that allows users to unlock their door with just a touch.

Using a Wi-Fi bridge, the lock can be controlled and monitored remotely. Once the bridge is plugged into the wall, it can be paired with the lock using the mobile app. On the app, homeowners can use the lock’s Intelligent Door Status technology to check whether their door is open, closed or locked. Another feature is the Intelligent Authentication Zone, which works similarly to automotive keyless entry systems—the Shepherd Lock will only unlock if the user has a keyfob or smartphone key within the Intelligent Authentication Zone.

The mobile app can also be used to manage access to homes. Temporary or permanent encrypted keys can be shared and users can schedule access time windows of entry. Equipped with a smart sensor that uses artificial intelligence, the Shepherd Lock detects and notifies of any lock-picking attempt. The product is easy to install, retrofits existing hardware and is compatible with any single-cylinder deadbolt.

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