2023 Top Multifamily Property Owners

MHN’s annual ranking represents a broad range of market-rate and affordable asset categories.

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Key: A=Affordable Housing, Mi=Military Housing, MR=Market Rate, L=Luxury, St=Student Housing, Se=Senior Housing, X=Other

Though we make every effort to include all major commercial owners, several notable firms (among them Equity Residential, Nuveen and MAA) did not participate this year.

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Multifamily Performs Amid Softening Economy

Image by jacoblund/iStockphoto.com

Image by jacoblund/iStockphoto.com

In the face of inflation and high interest rates, multifamily has shown resilience throughout the year. Occupancy rates remain stable and rents continue to rise, despite a slowdown from the post-pandemic boom. Investment activity, on the other hand, is down roughly 70 percent.

The companies in our 2023 Top Multifamily Owners ranking own a combined 1.4 million units, with an estimated value of $355 billion. Twenty-six owners showcased portfolios with occupancy rates at or above the national average of 95 percent in August, with only two companies surveyed reporting occupancies below 90 percent.

Eighty-five percent of the combined portfolios contained market rate-housing, with 48 percent including affordable housing and 32 percent including luxury rentals. The average portfolio consists of approximately 28,700 units worth nearly $7.5 billion.

For the fourth consecutive year, the top multifamily property owner was Greystar. In August, the company’s 183,074 units were valued at approximately $50 billion. The firm’s portfolio consists of market-rate, affordable, student and senior rentals in markets across the U.S. and abroad.

GID Investment Advisers ranked second this year with 54,000 units valued at $25.8 billion. The firm’s portfolio consists of luxury and market-rate housing with a total occupancy rate of 96.1 percent. Cortland placed third with more than 76,000 market-rate, affordable and senior housing units averaging an occupancy rate of 93.2 percent across its entire portfolio.


The 2023 Multi-Housing News Top Owners ranking utilized self-reported data for all firms. The ranking results from a weighted formula based on a variety of factors (only a few of which are specified here), including the number of units owned, owned portfolio value, historic performance and a focused or diversified participation in property sectors. The ranking represents what we feel is a logical balance between firm growth and market share, as well as property diversity.

—Brittney Peacock, Senior Research Analyst, Yardi Matrix

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