Top 30 Multifamily Property Management Companies of 2020

The 2020 Top Property Management Firms Ranking utilized self-reported data for all firms.

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Rank Company Units Managed 2019 Units Managed 2018 Portfolio Occupancy Owner/Third-Party Mgr. Diversity
1 Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC 536,342 491,715 93.3% O/M A, MR, St, Se
2 BH Cos. 90,074 79,990 94.0% O/M A, MR, Se
3 Lincoln Property Co. 203,342 191,669 93.4% O/M A, MR, X
4 Pinnacle Property Management Services 164,486 162,923 96.0% M A, MR
5 Bozzuto 73,600 69,600 94.0% O/M A, MR, L, Se, X
6 Morgan Properties 76,831 50,664 95.0% O MR
7 Cortland 58,973 50,361 91.2% O/M A, MR, Se
8 RangeWater Real Estate 42,566 27,390 89.4% O/M A, MR
9 FPA Multifamily 37,335 28,500 94.0% O A, MR, L, St
10 Essex Property Trust Inc. 60,570 59,661 97.1% O MR
11 Edward Rose Building Enterprise 65,600 64,662 O A, MR, Se, X
12 Camden Property Trust 56,107 55,160 96.0% O MR
13 ConAm Management Corp. 49,636 52,261 93.0% O/M A, MR, L, Se
14 Balfour Beatty Communities 49,106 49,704 95.0% O/M MR, St
15 Fairfield Residential LLC 35,486 33,628 92.0% O/M A, MR, L, Se
16 Harbor Group Management Co. LLC 31,837 30,956 94.0% O/M A, MR, L, St
17 Hunt Cos. Inc. 33,924 34,057 94.0% O MR, X
18 AMLI Residential 24,997 23,285 92.6% O A, MR
19 RKW Residential 19,935 14,599 94.5% M A, L
20 Carroll Org. 32,952 33,697 93.5% O/M A, MR
21 Envolve 24,957 30,669 93.0% O/M A, MR, L, St, Se
22 Kettler 20,000 18,500 95.4% O/M A, MR, L
23 The Inland Real Estate Group of Cos. Inc. 19,920 17.149 92.0% O MR, St, Se, X
24 SVN International Corp. 18,647 12,669 93.0% M MR
25 Northland Investment Corp. 24,964 25,037 93.4% O/M MR
26 Kirkpatrick Management Co. 8,700 7,800 97.0% M A
27 Flaherty & Collins Properties 14,561 17,610 94.0% O/M A, MR, L, St
28 BlackRock Inc. 12,555 12,777 88.0% O/M A, MR, St, Se
29 Habitat America 9,008 8,756 96.0% M A, MR, L, Se
30 Dalcor Affordable Housing I LLC 4,222 4,222 96.0% O A

Key: A= Affordable Housing, MR= Market Rate, L= Luxury, St= Student Housing, Se= Senior Housing, X= Other

Though we make every effort to include all major property management companies, several notable firms (among them Alliance Residential, MAA and Related Cos.) did not participate this year.

To be included in upcoming surveys, email Jeff Hamann at [email protected].

Operations in a Changing Landscape

By Madeline Winship, Senior Research Analyst, Yardi Matrix

When COVID-19 hit, property managers responded quickly with virtual tours, self-guided tours, online leasing and stepped-up cleaning protocols. Now that the focus has shifted toward reopening, they are creatively managing the use of amenities spaces and maintenance requests while developing long-range plans for making building healthier.

This year’s list of  the Top 30 Multifamily Property Management Companies is a mix of third-party service providers and owner-operators, as in previous years. Greystar took the top spot in our rankings for the second year in a row with 536,342 units managed, a nearly 10 percent increase in its portfolio size compared to the year before. BH Cos. and Lincoln Property Co. rounded out our Top 3, each boasting strong portfolios encompassing a diverse mix of multifamily assets. More than half of our Top 30 property managers operate affordable units, and many of the companies on the list additionally manage student and senior housing properties. Of the 10 property management companies at the top of the list, nine have assets in three or more regions of the United States, and three manage international multifamily assets.

Occupancy across participating companies’ portfolios averaged 94 percent. This figure is reflective of 2019 occupancy and could very well decrease in 2020 as a result of economic fallout stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. As the sector continues to adjust, effective property management will remain the bedrock of successful multifamily investment strategies.


The Top 30 Multifamily Property Management Companies of 2020 ranking utilized self-reported data for all firms. The ranking was calculated using a weighted formula based on a variety of factors, including the total square footage and number of properties under management, property operations (both owned and managed) and visibility in property sectors. The ranking represents what we feel is a logical balance between firm growth, market share and property diversity. Ranking factors are not limited to the data that appear on this page.

You’ll find more on this topic in the CPE-MHN 2020 Midyear Update.

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