Top 10 NYC Multifamily Sales

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Top 10 multifamily sales recorded in the Third Quarter of 2016

Source: PropertyShark, a Yardi Systems Inc. company
Source: PropertyShark, a Yardi Systems Inc. company


  1. 62-60 99th St., Queens
    Sale price: $135,500,000This semi-fireproof elevator apartment building houses a retail component within its 503,000 square feet. Built in 1960, this building offers 417 residential units and is located in the Rego Park neighborhood.
  2. 20-05 Shore Blvd., Queens
    Sale price: $121,000,000Housing 60 residential units on 45,228 square feet, this three-story garden apartment property was sold in a portfolio along with nearby buildings located at 20-25 Shore Blvd., 20-11 18th St., 20-32 19th St., 20-31 19th St., 20-11 20th St. and 20-12 20th St.
  3. 1955 First Ave., Manhattan
    Sale price: $103,000,000Offering 16,435 square feet of retail space, this fireproof elevator apartment building is home to several shops including Rite Aid Pharmacy, Dollar Tree and Payhalf. The property offers a total of 250,090 square feet and houses seven-stories.
  4. 134-138 W. 58th St., Manhattan
    Sale price: $61,500,000With 15-stories and 120 residential units, the structure offers 61,791 square feet of space. A semi-fireproof elevator apartment building, this structure is in a prime arts and dining area, offering 1,500 square feet of space to the Seasonal Restaurant and Weinbar.
  5. 385 Union Ave., Brooklyn
    Sale price: $45,352,000Newly built in 2008, this residential building offers 53,023 square feet and six-stories. The structure is located in Williamsburg, with a 100 percent occupancy rate of its 47 residential units.
  6. 94-25 56th Ave., Queens
    Sale price: $40,725,000Home to Allstate and A&A Kathy’s Day Care, the 187,800-square-foot property houses 164 residential and 3 commercial units. Originally built in 1961, the building was last upgraded in 1998 and offers six-stories of space in the neighborhood of Elmhurst.
  7. 315 Seigel St., Brooklyn
    Sale price: $39,500,000This three-story, converted dwellings property originally built in 1957 houses 53,200 square feet of residential space within its 51 units.
  8. 118 E. 93rd St., Manhattan
    Sale price: $38,500,000Located in the Historic District of Carnegie Hill between the Upper East Side and East Harlem, this fireproof property houses nine-stories, 42,857 square feet of space and 38 residential units with a 100 percent occupancy rate.
  9. 2411 Fredrick Douglass Blvd., Manhattan
    Sale price: $30,158,876Purchased on June 30, this Harlem-based residential elevator apartment building houses 205 residential units and 4 commercial units. Comprising 202,280 square feet, the property offers eight-stories and a garage space.
  10. 204 W. 17th St., Manhattan
    Sale price: $29,000,000Sold in partnership with a six-plus family walk-up and retail property located at 116 Seventh Ave., this four-family walk-up building offers four floors and a total of 2,918 square feet of space in Chelsea.

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