The Fun Factor

Having contemporary, convenient and amenity-rich common areas will no doubt serve to elevate your property’s fun factor.

By Philip Shea, Associate Editor

Having contemporary, convenient and amenity-rich common areas will no doubt serve to elevate your property’s fun factor. Residents will feel their apartment community is not simply a place to live—but also a place to enjoy. In addition, providing a venue for social gatherings turns residents into neighbors and increases the likelihood they’ll renew their leases again and again.

Having a state-of-the-art entertainment system in your common area  conveys an impression that your entire community is just as such. Sony’s new 54.6-inch LED HX729 Internet TV, equipped with full 1080p 2D and 3D capability, will give residents the opportunity to enjoy themselves outside of their individual units and utilize something that might have otherwise been outside their price range. Sponsoring movie nights would be a great way to foster a sense of community among your property’s tenants (

For those with more classic recreational tastes, a pool table is never a bad option. This 8-foot slate pool table from Chandler is both durable and sleek, fit for both rigorous competition and casual play. Equipped with profile K66 cushions and reinforced pedestal-style legs, this amenity can endure as the focal point of your common area for years (

A device that has garnered reputation among children and adults alike, the Nintendo Wii represents an innovative approach to video gaming and is the ultimate recreational tool in a community setting. While other gaming systems rely on player exclusivity and static gameplay, the Wii encourages group competition and is built on a motion-detection interface that requires a considerable amount of exercise. Fun for all ages (

It goes without saying that comfort should be a central focus in any multifamily common area. A Daphne Sectional Sofa from La-Z-Boy is the perfect option for maximizing this as well as space that might be used for other amenities. Blending contemporary and classic design, this five-seat, layered-cushion design will serve as eye candy for visitors and prospective residents and provide a contingency area for rest to current residents (

Residents need a place to take a rest between weekend or seasonal activities, and quenching their thirst is going to be at the forefront of their minds. An atmospheric water dispenser from EcoloBlue is the perfect economical solution for satisfying this need. While it may sound like the stuff of science fiction, this product actually takes moisture from the air and converts it into clean, drinkable water—up to 8 gallons a day! The multi-step filtration system ensures that every drop of H20 is pure and as refreshing as anything that might come out of a bottle. While somewhat pricey up front, the reduction in costs from relying on water jugs makes this revolutionary item a worthy long-term investment (

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