SyndicIT Announces Expanded Offerings with Hewlett-Packard’s Managed Print Services and HP FLOW CM Digital Document Management for Multifamily Real Estate Operations

SyndicIT Services today announced an expansion of its product offering for multifamily real estate owners, operators and fee managers.

Kensington, N.H.—SyndicIT Services today announced an expansion of its product offering for multifamily real estate owners, operators and fee managers. The services announced are Hewlett-Packard’s (“HP”) Managed Print Services and HP FLOW CM Professional, available for immediate use. SyndicIT has introduced these services to enable the transition to automated, digital operations that utilize the latest advancements in cloud software, storage, and workflow technologies. In addition, the services provide the immediate financial opportunity to reduce paper use, lower printing costs, and eliminate the expense associated with paper-based storage and processes in multifamily business operations. To qualify as an authorized provider of these services to customers and prospects, SyndicIT has been designated an HP Managed Print Specialist and an HP Document Solutions Specialist. With these designations, SyndicIT is positioned to work with HP’s print experts to create and implement customer solutions specific to multifamily real estate.

SyndicIT’s account specialists follow a proven, needs-based assessment program driven by requirements unique to multifamily business operations. SyndicIT, working with HP’s services, can define the optimum strategy to reduce the current expense of printing at multiple property locations and eliminate the burden of printer fleet management from in-house IT departments. Through the assessment process, SyndicIT and HP can simplify the complexities of managing printing equipment distributed at multiple property locations, identify the benefits of mobile-device enabled print strategies, and evaluate security practices concerning the local printing and storage of documents to protect resident personal identity information captured at property locations. The HP Managed Print Services offering enables property owners with assets in multiple geographic locations to obtain proactive on-site service of all printing equipment as well as automatic supply delivery, while ensuring that property printing equipment is ‘up and running.’

“Our customers discover that they are not only reducing expenses but that they are lowering risks, improving business efficiencies, and increasing marketplace competitiveness with the adoption of these services,” said Lauryn Schimmel, Managing Director of SyndicIT Services. She adds that, “Managed Print Services is a highly productive starting point for the inevitable transition to digital property operations.”

In conjunction with customer reduction of print-related expenses, SyndicIT is now able to offer further cost reduction through the enablement of secure, cloud-based document storage and workflow solutions using HP FLOW CM Professional, an industrial grade document storage, collaboration and sharing system built for business by HP. SyndicIT specializes in strategic customer deployments of the HP FLOW CM technology with implementations tailored for multifamily that mirror existing property-filing and business process practices when converting legacy paper-based business processes to electronic workflows. HP FLOW CM Professional allows property owners to store, manage, automatically sync, and control business and resident documents and data in a secure cloud-based repository while enabling anytime, anywhere access from PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. In addition, the use of HP FLOW CM dramatically reduces expenses associated with sharing documents with fee management customers, third-party business partners, and service providers by making secure document sharing as easy and instant as ‘one-click.’ Backed by HP Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer, HP FLOW CM Professional allows the instant retrieval of documents based on keyword search of text contained in any document, accelerating the ability to locate documents within seconds.

“By combining Managed Print Services with HP FLOW CM Professional software, multifamily owners, operators, and fee managers are guaranteed to reduce the overall costs associated with legacy, paper-based operations. Between ‘hard costs’ like paper, ink, storage, and shipping expenses and ‘soft costs’ such as employee time, IT support burden, and security risks, SyndicIT is positioned to help any multifamily company ‘go digital’, free up time to focus on more critical aspects of their business, and most importantly, gain a proven formula to achieve more profit with the help of HP technologies,” added Schimmel.

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