Straight Designs to Renovate CA Community


The company is updating the Greystar-owned Avana Rancho Cucamonga by converting the sport court to an amenity deck, among other upgrades.

Los Angeles-based multi-unit interior and exterior design firm Straight Designs is in the process of redesigning and renovating 624 units of the Greystar-owned Avana Rancho Cucamonga apartment community. The property, in the San Gabriel Mountain foothills, is situated within the community of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., east of Los Angeles.

In addition to renovating the property’s units by incorporating complementary colors, accessories and furnishings, Straight Designs is completely renovating the leasing office and clubhouse building on the property and is converting the sport court to an amenity deck along with an on-site comprehensive dog park.

Proofing designs

Perfecting the design of a four-station concierge desk while offering ample seating for the many guests all in the same space was an interesting challenge,” Straight Designs’ principal designer Solomon Mansoor told MHN.  Other hurdles included converting the tennis deck into a public-use amenity deck and finishing the exterior painting, he said.

How did Straight Designs surmount these hurdles? 

Render, render, render,” Mansoor responded. “The renderings we produce are not merely for marketing. More importantly, they are initially produced so we can proof our design by giving us the ability to navigate a virtual 3-D world and design of our creation. We get to test everything we design including the furniture, whether custom or store bought, it’s all there in our virtual design world. We can spot all of the weaknesses and potential issues, then make the necessary adjustments to ensure a flawless install. The final result is a perfect copy of the renderings we provide the client.”

Straight Designs implemented design elements knitting the property’s spaces with its community and environment. The wall behind the leasing office’s desks uses design elements to tie together the clubhouse and leasing office. The objective is to achieve a cohesive style and space.

Custom created

Straight Designs custom fabricates and produces an assortment of products in house. This approach is exemplified by the picture frames customized by the firm for the art displayed in the amenities area of Avana Rancho Cucamonga. The same is true of the custom sofas and ottoman stations seen throughout the property.

We found it critical to understand the market surrounding the property, so that we could also design for our client’s client,” Straight Designs said in a statement.

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