Steam Dishwasher from LG Eliminates the Dreaded Pre-Wash

The latest steam dishwasher from LG with TrueSteam™ technology is touted to virtually end the need to pre-wash. It also integrates with a smart phone app to either diagnose minor problems or call customer care if a repair is needed.

By Mike Ratliff, Associate Editor

LG's TrueSteam Dishwasher

As a New York renter and amateur chef (we can dream, right?), a dishwasher was quickly added to my prerequisite apartment checklist after a few years of hand washing. I finally landed a unit with a dishwasher in my most recent move. It is small, ugly, noisy and sits crooked but I don’t care…much. I am not normally one to complain, but doing dishes still remains a chore thanks to the need to pre-wash. No matter which wash-booster this or pre-cleaner that I tried, I still had to get my hands dirty after cooking my ‘famous’ homemade pizza.

But someday, when I move into that luxury apartment in the sky (definitely not on the East Side), my problems will be gone. The latest steam dishwasher from LG with TrueSteam™ technology is being touted to virtually end the need to pre-wash. The word virtually is in there because I assume that no dishwasher could clean the Pyrex dish my non-Italian mother bakes ‘terrific’ lasagna in without a little elbow grease and chisel beforehand.

LG's TrueSteam Dishwasher

TrueSteam™ employs a built-in steam generator that creates high-temperature steam particles that are discharged from carefully aimed pressure nozzles to blast remnants of that cheese blend and burnt lasagna noodles away. A delicate steam cycle option is also built in more for a gentler steam cleaning. Perhaps the coolest feature of this new dishwashing system is a Steam Dual™ mode that enables different water pressures and temperatures on the upper and lower racks. This allows multiple types of dishes to be washed at the same time, saving water, energy and time.

The washer also includes Smart Diagnosis™ technology that helps the user solve minor problems through a smartphone app. If the unit needs a repair the app will connect the user directly to customer service. To top it all off, LG includes LoDecibel™ technology and layers of sound insulation to keep noise levels down. There is nothing better than watching your favorite shows after a well-cooked meal without a hissing monster banging around your kitchen.

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