Sponsored Content: Adding Value Through Comprehensive Resident Risk Management

Increased understanding of resident risk identifies important opportunities for apartment owners and managers. New research pioneered by JA Milan and Associates and CoreLogic® Rental Property Solutions demonstrates the relationship between resident quality scores and renters insurance liability losses.

CoreLogic_WhitepaperThe purpose of this whitepaper is to increase understanding of the risk and opportunity represented by apartment renters to apartment owners and managers. To achieve this understanding we focus on two major areas of insight—one qualitative and one quantitative. First, a qualitative framework for comprehensive resident risk management™ in the multifamily industry is developed. Second, statistical analysis is utilized to quantify the relationship between resident quality and renters insurance claims.

The framework and supporting analysis create a broad-based, enterprise-wide view of resident risk. Moreover, it is based on statistically-validated lease screening and supported with empirical analysis to help multifamily managers develop and implement data-driven risk management solutions that capture more value by reducing expenses and increasing net operating income (NOI).

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