Snap Session: Essential Facts About Essential Housing


Join MHN and Grubb Properties to hear about the opportunity offered by this underserved yet resilient asset class.

For investors, essential housing provides an immediate opportunity to participate in an underserved, resilient assets class in urban markets throughout the U.S.

The tremendous demand for middle-income housing presents an enormous and often-overlooked investment opportunity, a trend that will only intensify as more Millennials and Gen Zers seek housing in resilient and high-growth urban markets. Are you missing out on the “missing middle”?

Join MHN and Grubb Properties for this informative, fast-paced Snap Session to find out about the growing demand and investment opportunities in multifamily, essential housing. You’ll learn about:

• What is essential housing and why is it escalating now
• The critical U.S. housing gap and demand for essential housing
• Why it’s becoming its own asset class
• How opportunities are identified
• The investment potential

Our Panel:

Todd Williams

Todd Williams
Chief Investment
Grubb Properties

Paul Rosta
Executive Editor
Multi-Housing News

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