Smart Lock Brings Advanced Tech to the Door

Lockly Secure smart locks feature digital keypads and advanced 3D fingerprint sensors for more security and convenience.

Lockly Secure. Image courtesy of Lockly

Lockly has introduced a line of smart locks that builders can use to provide a high level of security and convenience to rental property residents. The Lockly Secure family of products are offered in both deadbolt and latch versions and allow users to control and monitor door access from anywhere in the world via smartphone. The locks features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Lockly Secure devices work with most popular door lock configurations and include a digital keypad with patented technology that scrambles access codes on the display so they cannot be read by others. The Plus and Pro versions of the lock also include an advanced 3D fingerprint sensor to quickly and accurately grant access to approved users. Lockly’s app allows users to lock and unlock the door and create access codes for family, friends and residents, providing a high-tech amenity for multifamily properties.

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