Six Kitchen and Bath Products Trending Now

These technology and style innovations are influencing the apartment sector.

HomeByMe by Dassault Systemes. Photo by Dassault Systemes

Much as the Roaring Twenties followed the Spanish Flu of 1918, the post-COVID world has led to the adaptation of a more carefree mindset—and it’s being expressed through adventurous interior design choices.

This approach to design was on full display at the 2023 Kitchen and Bath Business Show, which was bustling with activity and optimism. “We’re now in a social pandemic recovery,” according to Maria Stapperfenne, a designer at Tewksbury Kitchens & Baths and past president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Evita Sink by Cosentino. Photo by Cosentino

“No more white kitchens. Don’t be afraid of doing black cabinets. People are wanting to live in a less sterile environment,” said Stapperfenne, speaking at her post-show trends recap. Her own kitchen projects now typically include a bold color along with a white and a wood tone. She’s also observing that antimicrobial surfaces infused with Microban are still in demand. Porcelain countertops are popular—especially travertine lookalikes—because they’re strong, heat resistant and maintenance free. According to Stapperfenne, streamlined interiors are hot, but Maximilism is also still on trend. And Lefroy Brooks continues to roll out classic looks inspired by history.

MHN also walked the KBIS 2023 show floor. These are some of the products and trends that apartment developers may want to watch for now—or later.


MoodUP by LG STUDIO. Photo by Diana Mosher

Looking for a way to differentiate the demonstration kitchen or clubhouse? MoodUP by LG STUDIO allows users to tailor their refrigerator to their mood with customizable LED door panels and an integrated Bluetooth speaker. Through the LG ThinQ app, users can choose from 23 colors for the upper/refrigerator door panel and 19 colors for the lower/freezer.

Gas Range Alternatives

As multifamily operators consider the implications of replacing gas with electric, Empava Appliances debuted their 12-in. Drop-in Induction Cooktop for tiny homes and compact spaces. It includes nine power level settings from 100W up to a total of 1800W power-sharing, with accurate and easy temperature changes at the touch of a button. Boil, stew, fry, stir fry and switch from one mode to another as needed.

Drop-in Induction Cooktop by Empava Appliances. Photo by Diana Mosher

Seamless and Hygienic Surfaces

Cosentino‘s Evita sink incorporates the countertop for a streamlined aesthetic. The joint-free construction results in easier installation and fewer opportunities for germs to cluster. Made from Silestone, the countertop material with built-in antimicrobial protection, Cosentino’s Evita sink promotes a more hygienic bathroom.

3D Space Planning

Apartment residents, designers, architects and builder/developers want to be able to imagine upgrades of interior spaces and also share this information in collaborative 3D virtual environments. Dassault Systemes has introduced a solution called HomeByMe. It provides users with the ability to upload 2D photos to create 3D projects on multiple devices: phone, tablet and computer. The HomeByMe catalog contains brands like CB2, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, West Elm and Wayfair. A free version of HomeByMe

M.R. Walls by Mario Romano and Corian Design. Photo by Diana Mosher

is available to try the product with up to five projects and three high definition images. Other pricing plans are available including an enterprise package.

Innovative Accent Walls

Corian Solid Surface isn’t just for countertops. There are many creative and practical uses for this durable material beyond the kitchen and bath. Corian Design has partnered with artist Mario Romano of M.R. Walls to create wall panels made from Corian. These creations have been used in a range of commercial settings

Various collections by Top Knobs. Photo by Diana Mosher

including restaurants and hotels to introduce branded elements such as color or logo art. The end result for multifamily would be a textural wall feature in a prominent spot near the front entrance to reinforce the apartment property’s visual branding.

Statement Hardware

Like the finishing jewelry on a great outfit, hardware choices on kitchen and bath cabinetry can make all the difference when prospective residents are touring an apartment property. It’s a relatively small portion of the budget, but the impact is huge. Top Knobs has curated a range of finishes that transform knobs and pulls into conversation pieces. Choose from more than 30 rich metallic options including Ash Gray, Flat Black and Honey Bronze—and stylistic elements from farmhouse chic, modern industrial, transitional and contemporary styles.

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