Sharp’s New Kitchen Suite Enhances Tight Urban Footprints

The brand's second collection offers compact 24-inch appliances designed to accommodate multifamily needs.

Sharp Compact Kitchen Suite. Image courtesy of Sharp

When square footage is at a premium, small appliances make a big impact in multifamily kitchen designs. Smaller appliances also deliver energy and water savings. Sharp Home Electronics Company of America has introduced a suite of 24-inch kitchen appliances for apartment developers working with small footprints. The Compact Kitchen Appliances suite offers the same quality as Sharp’s original full-size built-in appliance lineup that debuted in 2019.

The Compact Kitchen lineup includes nine 24-inch built-in appliances. The new Sharp Dishwasher with Alexa-enabled voice commands joins a growing list of Sharp appliances with smart home integration capabilities. Smaller induction and radiant cooktops have been added to Sharp’s current cooktop offerings. Sharp’s signature Smart Combi Steam Oven has also received a 24-inch version, and a slim refrigerator offers maximum food storage capabilities with minimal space requirements. The 24-inch Convection Built-In Wall Oven is a luxe touch for premium apartments.

In addition to the Compact Kitchen Appliance suite, Sharp has also unveiled two new Smart Air Purifiers and Humidifiers with Plasmacluster Ion Technology for large rooms. Both air purifiers are compatible with Alexa-enabled and Google devices.

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