Seniors Property to Blend Historic L.A. Architecture with Modern Seniors’ Needs

Los Angeles--Parkview Living, a 75-unit affordable seniors apartment, allows the tenants to live with the amenities that modern-day seniors desire.

Los Angeles–Parkview Living, a faith-based affordable seniors apartment community will soon sprout up in Los Angeles’ historic Echo Park neighborhood. The Foursquare Foundation, developer of the $10 million, 75-unit project, tapped KTGY Group Inc. to design a residential destination that will complement the old Los Angeles, Spanish-style architecture and that allows the tenants to live with the amenities that modern-day seniors desire.

Parkview will occupy an approximately 1.2-acre, Foursquare-owned site just across from Angelus Temple, which was developed in 1923 and serves as the home of the Foursquare Church. “Part of what led to this project is Foursquare Church’s mission to house widows and the elderly,” Manny Gonzalez, principal with KTGY, tells MHN. “What they are doing is taking properties that the church owns and that they feel are underutilized in terms of what the property might sustain, and create housing for the needy.”

Carrying the address of 1902 Park Ave., Parkview will encompass 66 one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units within a four-story structure, complete with courtyard, that will reflect the temple’s architecture and the neighborhood’s architecture, which is so uniquely Los Angeles.

“Los Angeles has a lot of history, architecturally,” Gonzalez says. “We have Craftsman and Victorian designs and the more traditional California Mediterranean-Spanish style. The L.A. Spanish style lends itself architecturally to a four-story structure, so we looked at the buildings surrounding the site and incorporated those style details into the design. It looks like something that would have been built here in the 1920s. It pays homage to the church, the neighborhood and the historic architecture of L.A.”

But it’s not just about the exterior aesthetics. Parkview is designed to accommodate the needs of today’s seniors, seniors who want to remain active and part of the community. It’s the opposite of the typical institutional-type seniors housing. “Other than the individual units and the community rooms, the property has an open-air design that adds to the resort-style atmosphere and indoor-outdoor living.”

Additionally, to facilitate interaction among residents and visitors, Parkview will offer community rooms in a variety of sizes ranging from cozy rooms appropriate for, say, a four-person game of cards to a larger facility for big gatherings. “It gives them a sense of community. They can create friendships that wouldn’t otherwise happen. There are rooms that feel comfortable whether there are five people or 10 people or 100 people. We wanted them to have a great place to live and amenities that are age-appropriate.”

That list of amenities is long and, in some respects, progressive. The property will feature a swimming pool, fitness center and computer center, as well extras not often seen in any apartment community, such as an espresso café and a dog park.

And just by nature of its location, Parkview will be conducive to maintaining an active lifestyle. “The number one activity for seniors is walking, and there is the most beautiful park across the street, and there’s always something going on there. Also, Sunset Boulevard is right up the hill. ”

Foursquare has other projects in the works, making use of the underdeveloped land in its portfolio. They’re hoping this becomes an opportunity for them around the country,” Gonzalez adds.

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